Applegate Specials, BHB line Albinos & Hypomelanistics (Hypo-m), Sentz line Hypo-m and poss. het Hypoerytheristic (Hypo-e)

I also have Triple Het Applegate/Albino/Hypo, Double Het Sentz/AlbinoDouble Het Applegate/Hypo-e & Double Het Sentz/Applegate

My name is Matthew Woodhall and I have always had a love of animal life but a special interest in reptiles. As a kid I always had a room full of local southern california reptiles (shout out to mom here!!) I have been breeding snakes of various types for over ten years but have recently dedictaed all my efforts to the Arizona Mountian Kingsnake (Lampropeltis pyromelana) AKA "pyros"

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AVAILABLE:  Applegate Specials (2017s), BHB Albinos & Hypos and Het/Sentz Hypos. As well as heterozygotic animals of various make-up. Email me for details or questions of what you are interested in.

Genes I am working with

Like the days of old with the honduran milksnakes and double or even triple gene morphs, I am working on producing never before seen multiple gene pyros. I have already produced the BHB Hybino which is the only known double morph at this time. I am working on Albino Applegates, Hypo-e Applegates & Sentz line Hybinos.

There are a lot more possibilites for color variations not yet seen!

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‚ÄčUPDATE: June 2018

Everything is all warmed-up and eggs are just starting to hit the ground.

I expect around dozen clutches this year so check out "in the incubator" page to see some of the stuff cooking.